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more cp cheats (The F.I.S.H, The Clothing catalog, The Wigs catalog, The furniture catalog, and The Igloo catalog)

  This is all ordered how i say it (well i made a few mistakes with the pics im new to this sry bout that),(from left to right, i couldnt fit the words under the pics sry u gotta follow it this way) 

HQ CHEATS 1 to get the night vision goggles click the black sunglasses 

CLOTHING CATALOG CHEATS 1 to get the mixed bracelets click the pink shoe    2 to get the woodsmans hat click the top of the purple shield 3 to get the jade necklace click the blue part of the guys shirt at the front page (not cover)

WIG CATALOG SECRETS 1 to get the spikette click the spikester

FURNITURE CATALOG SECRETS 1 to get the flower planter click the palm tree 2 to get the clam click the seaweed 3 to get the guitar stand click the piano 4 to get the vegetable garden click the coffee shop tree

IGLOO CATALOG SECRETS 1 to get the secret stone igloo click the crowbar on the get rid of flooring page 2 to get the secret stone deluxe igloo click the door of the snow deluxe igloo 3 check out the new igloos! theyre awsome!

thats all for now bye                                                                                                                                           (PS: dont be made that i screwed it up a little, it was hard to do this, BELIEVE ME)


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