ok so heres how to walk on nightclub (well with this cheat u can go basicly anywhere almost) usualy others cant see this. ok first, go to the 100% thing at the bottom of the screen. right click it. click custom. write in 700 percent. find the nightclub. (hard cause its so big) click somewhere on in. (make sure u dont go in the nightclub by moving to the side) quckly go back to 100%. u rnt on yet, but ur walking to it and onto it. if it doesnt work u didnt do it right. NOTE: U CANT MOVE WHILE ON WALLS OR WHEREVER U USED THIS CHEAT. U HAVE TO USE MAP AND GO SOMEWHERE TO MOVE AGAIN! but u cant dance talk read newspaper, wutever. well theres that cheat! bye


12 Responses

  1. red,

    i keep on running into the wall

    idk y?

    mr me mr me

  2. NVM RED

    I GOT IT!


  3. o and sometimes it freezes when u do this. AND GOOD JOB MR! note again others usualy cant see this

  4. red i heard that you had to use third party do to do that but i geuss not nice cheat man!!

  5. we gotta have a 500 hits party rofl

  6. Hey Red, Mr here

    Just wanted to say that its rlly stupid that other ppl cant see u when u do this cheat. Yesterday, i was on the roof but on my screen and i said “WOOT PARTY ON THE ROOF”. lol Then everybodys like ur not on the roof, ur right here!

    LOL! Then everybody else started saying im on the roof!lol

    Mr Me Mr Me

  7. ya we gotta have a 500 hits party, everyone does. and yes i did not use third party thing or else i wouldnt have tried it. i dont even try to do third party. once i tried nothing worked. i had to restart my computer.

  8. ur right mr it is dumb that noone can see u on roof. ppl cant even see u walking to the roof. its dumb. to them ur just still right there.

  9. and mr u should visit my site

  10. Red Ur word doesnt work it says that u deleted it?

    Its rlly weird

    mr me mr me

  11. Dude if u want u could give me ur pass for ur site

    i wont mess with it or anything like that!

    Thats just immature

    Mr me mr me

  12. whos site mine or fazboyz

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