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The Penguin Games Free Items!

Heres all the light up poles to the marathon (its all put in order here so just follow the pics)                                                                                      


Then you’re finished the marathon!

Ok now do the Track Meet. All you have to do is stop at all the lights and the starting line. Go around 3 times to win.

So then you’ve finished that, Time for the Swim Meet.

Ok so here’s the Swim Meet. All u gotta do is go from side to side six times.(2,4,6         5,3,1) Got it? ok

Ok so then you’ve finished that. TA-DA! The Medal Thing will then pop up. Click Claim Prize. YOU GOT THE GOLD MEDAL!

Ok so now the Red Face Paint is at the Coffee Shop

The Blue Face Paint is at the Pizza Parlor

That’s all for now! bye!


One Response

  1. guys dont leave me. im REALY bored. i did the marathon six times for no reason. CLUB PENGUIN THIS PARTY IS REALYYYYYYYYY BORING!!! fazboyz tell me where i can meet ur new penguin im realy bored i wanna talk to someone!!!!

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