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A penguin i know who wants to have his pic on this site

here is my buddy his name is zankov2 say hi if u see him!


6 Responses

  1. he actualy is my friend for real life and faz he was wondering if he can be on the site. like be an author or something.he doesnt care if u say no he was just wondering. he has his own site and email i know them both so if u decide to add him just ask me wut his site and email is and ill tell u. bye!

  2. whats his email he looks kool

  3. i need a adviertiser

  4. you have to google my name to get to here rofl

  5. his email is mitchellj1@shaw.com his site is zankov2rocks.wordpress.com. the email he uses is mitchellj_boring@hotmail.com he used the first one for his wordpress so use the first one

  6. did u add him if u did ill tell him. he my freind real life i got school tomorow ill see him then.

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