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Black Mask Scam

This scam is for wordpress users… to make you look kinda rare. It can come useful if you want to look rare because you cant find a rare account. Heres how it works.

1. go to clubpenguin and take a picture of you with a mask on.

2. go to paint and paste it on paint then fill it in with black paint.

3. carefully color the creases with black paint.

4. take a picture of it with black paint on your mask.

5. then open up another paint and paste the picture of you with black paint on your mask.

6. cut out player card (with name) and right click then press copy too then go to pictures and give the file a name.

It should look like this after your done.


28 Responses


    ps. im 181 days old so i did use my scam lol but i already have a penguin with a black mask so i dont wanna use it

  2. You can fool someone like that but i looked at the black mask on cp with one of my rare penguins and it has tints of gray in it. so if you want the real deal post right here and I’ll show you wut it should really look like after 10 comments

  3. Hey, ur only 181 days old! lol

    Im almost 700!!

    mr me mr me

  4. Hey how come i just saw you on blizzard?

    My computer went wacko again and it didnt let me move anywhere and when i tried to change rooms it said Loading and the the little twirly thingy kept on going until i got mad and closed the browser! lol

    mr me mr me

  5. Wait what do you mean after ten comments?

  6. 11 comments Yay!! lol

    im rlly rlly bored cuzz cp isnt working for me

  7. Btw who is ur rare penguin on cp

    mr me mr me

  8. im bored anyone on at the moment

  9. that is a good rare cheat and my peng is older than urs! its 260 days old and a member since may 4th. ur membership may be older but my peng is older so i have more nonmember items than u! and i also get every single item in clubpenguin when a catalog comes out so i got a lot of stuff. realy.

  10. Im older than all of you!!!!!!!11 im 689!!!!!!!!!


  11. lol faz can i have one of ur files?

  12. im gonna try cp again

  13. 😦 y?
    i gave you baldy

  14. dude hes boring lol 😦

  15. he has like twenty items max

  16. what are the other ones im not gonna bann them!

  17. lol can i have another one plz i wouldnt bann them

  18. ok ok im not cool enough for him
    and im off

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  19. wtv! im getting off cya faz and bye red

  20. IM STILL BORED PPL GO ON CP OR SOMETHING!!!! and i wanna know the rare peng passes too i wont bann them im not a banning person. mr shult i got a penguin older than me but still not older than u! hes like 302.

  21. my old penguin was 700 but he got banned forever

    his name was Kupid Guy he got da ladies lol

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