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Treasure Book

Treasure Box

Everyone is craving over the new treasure box. I think you should save uoyr allowance and go buy the toys and books (i recommend books because they have a million questions and you only use the toys once).

Everyone is getting the stuff thats not on cp catalogs. those are the exclusives. Dont worry if you never got a chance to get any it says series on so this will have a series 2. I hope you have toys and books and cards then because the other kids wont because they used up there codes.

Anyways back to the exclusives. Heres a picture

You can buy other items too. Like if your not even 1% rare there are other pages with old items (this is for nonmembers too) so nonmember will look like you and they will be accepted.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome post Faz

  2. Whats with the Kraft+Mr+Faz thing?

  3. ……………………………..

  4. ninja action who are you?

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