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Book Code Cheat

Hey this is Kraftred. This is the book cheat

First log in to the server screen. Then click the unlock items button in the top right corner.







Then Click books button.

Next Click The Ultamite Guide to Club Penguin. Click out and Click on the Unlock items button until it goes to the question what word is on page 101.














Make sure it is the EXACT question. They could ask for a different word on page 101. Here is what you get.











Now Click Enter Another Code. Click the Stowaway, Adventures at Sea book this time. Do the process again, but make sure its page 21 or 25. The example is page 21.














Make sure it is exactly as shown above. Here is what you unlock.










It doesn’t matter what order you unlock them. Any order you unlock them, any order the items come. If you did the Stowaway first, you would get the book an 1500 coins with it and 2000 coins for the other book instead. Heres me.

If you sit, you read it. Pretty awsome, hey? Well thats all. Bye.


4 Responses

  1. and if u get question 80 its Rockhopper i think
    99.99% sure

  2. cool

  3. faz, should i shut down reddyrock678.wordpress.com, i never use it…

  4. that 99.99% is wrong the 00.01% won its not Rockhopper but i do forget what it was

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