You can meet G on CP and Find Ninja in Dojo!

First off, Finding G. You have to be a member and have the Rad Scientist Costume. It’s just like Rockhopper. He always stays in the same room, the Secret Lab. He goes to different servers. Update: Iv’e seen him myself. Here’s a picture.













Second off, NINJA IN THE DOJO! Does this mean CP is realy releasing ninjas? Vote at the poll at the bottom of this post. First go to Dojo. Wait for Lightining to apear. The Ninja Apears anywhere at the WINDOWS. But, it’s only the SHADOW OF THE NINJA. (poll not working at the moment)


2 Responses

  1. help faz i cant get this friggen poll on here! the poll is do you think ninjas will ever be released on Cp. plz edit the post and put it in there! thx!

  2. And theres a ninja hidden in the cp poster in the ultimate guide to club penguin

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