Update: I don’t know if that will be the actual date, Fazboyz still has to approve.

Hey this is Kraftred. Here is the party invitation!










Fazboyz and Kraftred’s 2000 Hits and Ninja party!

When: Saturday, December 6, 1:00PM-4:00PM

Why: 2000 hits!

Where: North Pole, starting at the Dock

How: Figure it out!

We will add!

We will play games!

We will have fun!



Update 2: I am now Ninja and Fazboyz is back!

Update: I am now Brown Belt almost Black to Ninja. And I don’t know if Fazboyz is back or where he is. Also party maybe next week Invite coming soon.

Ok so Kraftred is back! Sorry I wasn’t on, MY STUPID INTERNET WOULD NOT WORK FOR A WEEK! This started Wednesday afternoon. 14/11/2008. (I think it was the 14th… whatever) I finially can go on I am so happy. By the way I am a Purple Belt, I WOULD be a Ninja by now but, you know, my Internet. Well thats all. Wait. New Stage called Fairy Tales or something and New pin at the Beach, It is the snow element. AND new Furniture. Thats all, bye.

Kraftred gets a Club Penguin toy!

Hi this is Kraftred posting today. I GOT A CLUB PENGUIN TOY YESTERDAY (A black puffle)! IT IS SUPER AWSOME! I have unlocked the MP3000 (Ipod) and the Black Guitar! Here are pictures of me with them.







Dancing with the Ipod makes music notes stream above you








Dance with it to play it




Also, Kraftred now has all guitars! (Exept the normal accoustic) the Red Guitar, The black guitar, the Pink Guitar, the Bass guitar and the two colour sunburst accoustic guitar!

In other news, New ninja game Card-Jitsu game out tommorow! And be sure to get the Geta Sandles at the Dojo Courtyard! The Re-opening of the Dojo Party ends tommorow! Thats all for now! Bye!

P.S. Kraftred might get even more toys for Christmas!

Join The Dojo Penguins

I Joined The Dojo Penguins And, It’s Pretty Nice So I Decided To Support The Dojo Penguins. Click This URL To Go To Dojo Penguins To Join http://www.dojopenguins.net/forum.htm Now!

New Design For Settings

It Tells You The Server And Ask If You Want The Sound Muted Or, Not.


New Grand Opening For The Dojo!

New Grand Opening

The New Grand Opening Is Here!



It Says Something About A Gong Show! What Would That Be About?









Gong Show


The Gong Show Doesnt Last Long So Throw As Many Snowballs As You Can!






Free Item

geta-sandalsWhen You First Go To The Dojo It Takes You To Its Courtyard, And Thats Where The “Geta Sandals” Are!


Hey guys this is Kraftred. I dont have much time now for pictures and im lazy. Pictures later. Ok.

1-Log on to Club Penguin

2-Click on the map

3-Click Dojo (now dojo courtyard)

4- walk over to the geta sandles

now you have the geta sandles

5- walk over to the doors

6- wait till the Show thingy comes up with the gong

7- hit the gong with snowballs

8-while #6, examine the Dojo

then your done. 6-8 is optional. hitting the gong does nothing. well there you have it. PICTURES LATER! and soon we will have our 2000 hits party! keep coming with hits the sooner we party!!!