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Hey this is Kraftred here. The map was super updated! Take a look!





(click to enlarge)



 Wow thats superly updated. Now click on the dojo. (The mountainy area) When you hover your mouse over it, its not secret? It says Dojo when you hover your mouse over it. Same with Mine Shack! Iceberg is the only secret room now, Isnt it? Here is a picture of inside the Dojo.




(Click to enlarge)




Wow, Look at the corner! Thats wierd. You can get the Mining hat, AGAIN! I already have it from building the Auqa Grabber Sub. How about you? Walk up the ladder into the hole and go outside. (Or just click the To Outside sign like the lighthouse) Here is a picture of Outside. Its called Dojo Exterior but if a buddy is there and you click Find it says Dojo Roof.




(Click to enlarge)



Wow wierd eh? Whos that Chinese Penguin Digging? I dont know. Let’s click on him.






(click to enlarge)









?????? for a name? What the… wierd. I have a theory about him. I think hes the sensei that trains us to be ninjas and you have to be 100 days old or something like that to be trained. I have no idea. Just a theory. Well thats all.

Update: More Ninja found. I found more Ninja. Go to Dojo. Click where I put the red box is the corner. Look what happens!



Clcik to enlarge.


12 Responses

  1. Start commenting your theorys! The best Theory commented gets to have their name at the top of the next 10 posts! Start commenting away! I might even pick two if some are as good.

  2. Interesting interesting… I have a theory for you (Even though I know what’s going to happen. It has been a rumor that becoming a Clubpenguin ninja will be like the secret agents, but much much harder… That is my theory for you!

  3. Hahaha… Take heed of my hint… Haha…

  4. Hey Faz! I’ve changed my account. It is now named “Bot Billybob” and also “Wall Test.” You can add me on either of those accounts. Waddle on! ~Screen Hog aka Bot Billybob and Wall Test~

  5. Thank-you for adding me. I am glad that you did. I am sorry for leaving at such a short notice. Duty was calling. I will keep in touch be e-mail. See you on CP tomorrow!

  6. Oops! I forgot! I need to put this! ——> ~Screen Hog~ Hahaha!

  7. Aren’t you excited about the fireworks tomorrow? I sure am! Thank Gizmo; he designed it all! ~Screen Hog~

    O O

    I I

  8. Oops… You weren’t supposed to see that diagram… It was a secret. OH NO! ~Screen Hog~

  9. think about it… he’s looks japanese or chinese… lol good theory

  10. i think he’s gonna be like a rockhopper but a ninja

  11. haha screen hog im gonna be the first one to see those fireworks (execpt you and everyone else except the cp players) cuz im off school tomorrow im getting my braces on my bottom expander is really acting wierd

  12. cool! Nice Diagram! what does it mean?
    O O

    I I
    Thats wierd. Screen Hog – Bot Billybob – Wall Test watever, Meet me at North Pole Wednesday Nov 5. (tommorow) 7:00 AM or later sometime 4:00-6:00 or someting at the umm, Dock. Ok? thanks!

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