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Multipule login cheat and Dojo Updated

Hey guys this is Kraftred. I figured out an awsome cheat! Here it is. First, open two internets. Make them both go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/. Then, if you have any penguins remembered on it forget them.  On the one that says Multiple connections detected. Please disconnect old connections, click the word Disney above the orange box.







Press enter twice. Then the box will change to Please provide Penguin’s Username and Password. Click ok.







Enter peguin username and password. Now log on another penguin on the other Club Penguin. Go to the same server same room. Now you can add your backup penguin without needing another computer! Awsome isn’t it? Heres a picture of me and my backup penguins. I used three penguins in this. Kraftred, Kraftred1 and Kraftred2 (Penguin72……) Club Penguin hasn’t aproved his name yet.







And… as for the Dojo… HALF OF IT IS UNCOVERED! SO FAR IT LOOKS AWSOME! Its changed on the map too.








Heres the inside of the Dojo.







Training available November 17! I cant wait! Now here is the outside.







That looks cool! There is like a courtyard, and the Dojo looks like a temple… THATS SO COOL! Well.. thats all the info for now! bye!


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