Kraftred gets a Club Penguin toy!

Hi this is Kraftred posting today. I GOT A CLUB PENGUIN TOY YESTERDAY (A black puffle)! IT IS SUPER AWSOME! I have unlocked the MP3000 (Ipod) and the Black Guitar! Here are pictures of me with them.







Dancing with the Ipod makes music notes stream above you








Dance with it to play it




Also, Kraftred now has all guitars! (Exept the normal accoustic) the Red Guitar, The black guitar, the Pink Guitar, the Bass guitar and the two colour sunburst accoustic guitar!

In other news, New ninja game Card-Jitsu game out tommorow! And be sure to get the Geta Sandles at the Dojo Courtyard! The Re-opening of the Dojo Party ends tommorow! Thats all for now! Bye!

P.S. Kraftred might get even more toys for Christmas!


5 Responses

  1. Cool! Make sure to find the accoustic! You naver know when you may see it again…

  2. Your site now has 2,050 hits exactly. You should be planing a 2,000 hits party soon.

  3. Hello? You haven’t posted for days… Are you on vacation?

  4. You’re so close to having all guitars!
    I have all of them though (not bragging!).

  5. OMG u play on club penguian me too!

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