Update: I don’t know if that will be the actual date, Fazboyz still has to approve.

Hey this is Kraftred. Here is the party invitation!










Fazboyz and Kraftred’s 2000 Hits and Ninja party!

When: Saturday, December 6, 1:00PM-4:00PM

Why: 2000 hits!

Where: North Pole, starting at the Dock

How: Figure it out!

We will add!

We will play games!

We will have fun!


4 Responses

  1. faz who is the contributer peachi14?

  2. my mouse is having problems… it keeps on turning off (i have wireless) i turn it back on and it goes of again… I HATE IT… it did it again…

  3. hola

  4. boyz, a party? seems like ur starting to turn into a fever, i might be there but if ur gonna just say hi and ignore me then iam fine with it. if iam not there then tell me how amny ppl u got to come

    Good Luck Becoming Famous! =]

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