Club Penguin Has Released The New CP Toys!

Hi this is Kraftred posting here, CP released some new CP Toys! Check it out here.

Here is a picture of the Gary the Gadget Guy one.


I say, HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU GUYS! I thank you all for a wonderful half a year of me posting, you commenting, and me replying to the comments. It’s perfectly great! Throughout the next year, I expect to have more posts, more comments, and less spam. (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) And again HAPPY NEW YEARS!

P.S. (I might have a contest to get a new author next year) SHHHHH!

Also check out the Mission 10: Waddle Squad guide here.


AC 3000 in the Lodge Attic

There is an AC 3000 in the Lodge attic and there is tons of snow! There is also a sign that says: Notice: Snow being stored for February FUN!



Go here for the mission 10 guide walkthrough.

Fireworks Here (Finally)

Hey, Kraftred here. The Fireworks are FINALLY HERE!







Wonder what took them so long?

Also check out the mission 10 guide below this post.

Mission 10: Waddle Squad

Update: Please tell everybody you know about this site because Fazboyz and I are going to be updating it a lot more often. We know we are not famous, yet, but we are trying to move up. We also need more hits.

Note: I will be posting a written guide about the mission right here when it comes out and I will be getting the video guide from someone else because I don’t have a camera that I can use or Hypercam 2 or anything like that.

Written guide here:

1.Talk to G and you’ll see Herbert connected the binoculars to the HQ screens.You get to talk to the Director! (for the first time)
2.Take the Solar Panel from the box next to G.
3.Go to the beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy.
4.Go to the Lighthouse and grab some cream soda.
5.Go back to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy.
6.Give him the cream soda.
7.How to get the cream soda in the two glasses.
1.You have to put 4 quarts in the 1st glass and 4 in the 2nd.
2.Take the 1st one and pour it into the second.
3.Pour the 2nd into the 3rd.
4.Pour the 3rd into the 1st.
5.Pour the 2nd into the 3rd.
6.Pour the 1st into the 2nd.
7.Pour the 2nd into the 3rd.
8.Pour the 3rd into the 1st.
8.Go to the Gift Shop.Talk to the clerk.
9.Take the table, The box with balls, and the clothes.
10.Go to the town and place them beside the Gift Shop.
11.Go back the the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.
12.Place the Solar Panel on the end of the wire to the Electromagnet 3000.
13.How to connect the wires.
1.Click the Yellow button on the bottom.
2.Click all the dots on the outside on the right all the way to the yellow button on the top.
3.Click the Blue button on the bottom.
4.Click up four dots and then click right all the way to the blue.
5.Click one dot left to get the Blue line complete.
6.Click the Red dot.
7.Click up 1 dot and then move right all the way to the end.
8.Click all the dots going up all the way to the end.
9.Click all the dots going left all the way to under the red dot on the top.
10. Click 1 dot up.

14.Go to the beach and get some rope from the Boat Driver.
15.Go into the Night Club and Place the rope on top of the net.
15.Pull the lever on the box beside the cage.
16.Use the wrench from your Spy Phone to open the box.
17.How to place the gears.
1.Take the yellow gear and place it on the middle dot.
2.Take the Green gear and place it on the second dot.
3.Take the Silver gear and place it on the last dot.
4.Take the Brown gear and place it on the fourth dot.
5.Take the remaining gear and place it on the remaining dot.

(Varies throughout every game, so you have to do it on your own, sorry.)

18.Go anywhere and listen the the phone call from Jet Pack Guy.
19.Go to the Dock and look for the cardboard Herbert. Klutzy runs away.
20.Listen to the phone call from Rookie.
21.Go to the Night Club.
22.Pull the lever on the box to trap Herbert.
23.Move the lights so they face the solar panel.
24.Watch this scene when Rookie messes up and gives Herbert the Spy Phone and Herbert teleports away.
25.Collect your Medal and Gift.

Video guide here:

Note: I did not make this video.

I will also have a poll here:

New Login Screen (And Kraftred Gets More CP Toys For X-mas!:) )

First off, new Login Screen. It apears when you go to Here is what it looks like:

(click to enlarge)


And last, I opened presents yesterday and what did I get as one of my presents? TWO CP TOYS! It was Frankenpenguin and the worker dude (I forget what he was called…). I got one in November too. It was the 4″ black puffle. (But I couldn’t get to access the new treasure book yet because it wasn’t out yet.) 😦 That time I unlocked the MP3000 and the Black Guitar. (click this link to go there This time I unlocked the Yellow Cape, Green Bunny Slippers, Brown Skater Hat, and Orange-Star T-shirt. (I forget what that was called too). Here is a picture of me with them.


Thats all! Bye!

PS. I don’t know why I have to tell you guys this, it’s just I have been dieing to tell someone. Lol.

Christmas Party 2008

Hey guys, here are the cheats for the christmas party 2008! First the Santa hat, located at the snow forts. (comes out every year)


Santa beard! (from 2005) at the  Ski Villiage.


And last, the pin, located at the Ski Lodge.


That’s all!


New Newspaper

 Heya guys new newspaper. Here is the Christmas party info, upcoming events, and info of the Ice Rink coming back! Oh and also the Secret Revealed.


























(click to enlarge all pictures)

Well that’s all! Bye! (also, as you can see, I have been updated  the site more. That’s because I have nothing else to do! Lol.)