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Kraftred Is Banned!

Kraftred here. Im not very happy right now. I am banned forever! I have emailed CP about it. They may listen. (Hopefully) Please help me by emailing Club Penguin Support.


14 Responses

  1. dont try dude they never listen

  2. they did listen!


  4. did u get it back?

  5. Boyz what is with the header? Do a Beta Tester Hat! Not a Third Year Anniversary hat! And I liked my header better… Beta Hat. Kraftboyz. Beta Hat. Wayy better. Lol it’s good though… And I am now REALLY happy! I got Kraftred back but next time I can’t!

  6. They listened but I had to give TONS of information to make sure he was my penguin. I acted as my parents. Lol. That way they of course they would give it back! Just email them acting like your Mom or something. That’s what I did.

  7. I had this ban for no reason, they said I was trying to obtain personal information? Weird. And they took this one ban off the list… on April 10 I was banned but they didn’t have the reason! They said that I said a bad word but when they gave me the list of bans I had and what I said, they didn’t have the word! So it is no longer a ban then. I have 5 or 6 bans and next ban is FOREVER no getting back.

  8. Now I gotta be EXTRA careful with what I say…

  9. Poor you, good that you got it back. Krafted comment by following the below. on the 290 funny pics page it would make me 😀

    Now, on my website mmopuk.wordpress.com (or click the name), I have a Funny Pictures Page – 290 Funny Pictures, and I would like your opinion on them. So if you could please visit mmopuk.wordpress.com and comment on the 290 Funny Pictures Page I’d be most grateful. Just comment with like which one is your favourite and if you like them. Thanks!


  10. Kraftred well I could, I have already seen them. I don’t think I have commented. I will do that right now.

  11. sorry bout that, but can you check out my site a http://sabres678.wordpress.com/

  12. Hey guys!!! Long time no talk~! bunch of ppl thought i quit, but i didnt!

    I was actually in florida for awhile the my computer went wacko!(stupid wireless router)

    Anyway, just saying that u guys missed my cp birthday bash but nvm doesnt matter!

    Cya lattaa,

    Mr me mr me~

  13. Hey i got a name for a peng!

    Mr Kraftboyz!!! lol its awesome

  14. sure why not?

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