More For Members! (And Member Party! Sorry For So Late)

Check it out! CP has tons of new stuff for Members! Members got this postcard that says Thanks for being a Member! Check it out:


And on their player cards there is this badge that gives you access to a whole bunch of stuff Members only! (Sorry if you are a Non-Member, but we have payed for this, remember that! So get rid of this nonsense of people saying, “Non-Members deserve more rights!”) Here is a picture of the badge (It is also where the star was on the chat bar):


And for the Member party, it’s awesome! Here is pictures of the rooms (in the bottom floor you can get a boombox that when you dance you break dance):




There are the rooms.  Now for meeting Cadence! I don’t think that she is a computer. Proof: She doesn’t speak in with capitals in the first word. MORE PROOF! SPELLING MISTAKE! Here we are:


That is all!



2 Responses

  1. Ive added you 😀

    BUT: Please change the name to Chewy or Club Penguin Cheats.

    ChEwYpUp doesn’t work out because I don’t go by that name. Only chewy or Kingpin2

  2. thx chewy…

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