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3000 hits party Invation.

Update: Kraftred is making a new music video. Help me decide what it will be,  just comment. Visit my YouTube here.

3,000 hits!


Finally! It’s here! 3,000 hits!

if you cant read the banner it says

where: dock

server: south pole

time: 8:45am to 12:00pm (i wrote am but i ment pm) clubpenguin times.

Come To the part at saturday jan. 31


6 Responses

  1. Coolo!


  2. lol thx are you coming?

  3. Lol thanks for finally posting this! I guess I have been lazy lately lol. I will try to post more often. Is that a Saturday? I can’t make it if it’s a Sunday, I go somewhere every Sunday and go on sometimes but not at that time. Saturday I can of course make it. I always make the party way to late… so then I can’t make it… lol. I’m trying to make a video right now with windows movie maker. What shall it be? Help.

  4. i guess ill go

  5. only if u want me to though

  6. i mite

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