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Do you have a membership?

Hello fellow penguins I would like to make a poll. I hope you vote for the poll because it’s for a idea i found out. So count up all your penguins and vote if there member or not!

I will take the poll off on febuary 1st. Make Sure You VOTE!


3 Responses

  1. january 1st? its january 25th! lol u mean february 1st! got an idea for my next video?

  2. Hey Red, maybe u could do a video for poker face by lady gaga lol its my friends idea

    u know agent right?

    Mr me mr me

  3. good boy boyz u updated it to february first. and also the two are the same~
    I wish I was…
    No but I want to be!
    see they are the same. If you want to be you wish you were. Got it? Good

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