New Outfit

I’m looking or a new outfit, but I don’t know which one to pick so I’m asking my viewers. I will put up a pole shortly after this post

Outfit #1

outfit #1

Outfit #2

outfit #2

Outfit #3

outfit #3

Comment on which one you like best πŸ˜‰


Clubpenguin Music!

I found all of these SWF files at! Check them out and put them on your Ipods!

Room Music:

Game Music:

Party Music:

Music Jam Music:

Igloo Music:

Stage Music:

Have fun!


New Ninja Hideout!

The new ninja hideout is coming tonight! Don’t forget to check it out! I will be up on sleet at 9:00 Clubpenguin Time if you want to meet me or I will be hanging out with Salty. This is gonna be so cool! Can’t wait to see what it looks like. I’ll be on a penguin called Alm33 I will give a post later on where I’m gonna be at so get on my website later.

Ninja Hideout 1

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New Play!

The new play is here! I like this one a lot! Everyone has to go check it out and buy as many items as you can. The downside is there are no secrets! I wanted secrets and so does everyone else! COME ON CP!!! Luckily The better Igloo catalog is loaded with them.

underwater adventure 1 09

costume catalog 1 09

New Igloo Upgrades Cheat August 2009

Clubpenguin totally didn’t tell us about this. It was another surprise from clubpenguin. That’s one of the perks on clubpenguin. Well here are the cheats.

How to find Igloo Upgrade Catalog:

1. Click on the home sign on the bottom right

2. Click on the edit tool

3. Click on the igloo sign

igloo upgrades 2 09
Secret Stone Igloo:

1. Go to the second page of the Better Igloos catalog.

2. Click on the crowbar in the upper right.

Secret igllo 1 09Ginger Bread House:

1. Go to the seventh page of the Better Igloos catalog.

2. Click on each word typed CANDY.

Gingerbread house 1 09

Gingerbread house 2 09Secret Deluxe Igloo:

1. Go to the eighth page of the Better Igloos catalog.

2. Click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo.

SecretDon’t forget to check out the:

  • Polka -Dot Flooring
  • Painted Dance Steps

Have Fun!

Best Fishes.


Weird Igloo Cheat

I found this new igloo glitch! You guys know the cheat that Chrisdog93 Found. Well I just find a better part to that glitch!

Here’s how to do it:

Go to your igloo and click on edit.

Then go to what ever item you want to be unlimited.

DO NOT click all.

And click the item before it loads all the way.

After a while of clicking when you get into the negatives you dont have to load anymore!

*This glitch works when you log out too*

fazboyz glitch part 1 09

fazboyz glitch part 2 09

Here’s a video I uploaded to help. Please Visit my channel!

Finding Gary

We get to meet Gary again! That’s so cool.

Finding gary:

Gary is always at the tallest mountain so take the balloon ride to the tallest mountain. He is a blue penguin and he will be crowded by penguins. So if he is crowded click on users in this room.

Flight Festival 2009 Ballon ride

gary flight festival 09

users in room

Well its almost impossible to track gary by your self so I put up a tracker for you guys. It’s 100% Accurate!

gary tracker 09 flight festival

now go to to see the latest server Gary has gone to!

Good Luck!