Red lei Rumors?

Hey guys, I heard rumors about the red lei coming back! I think it’s great! I’m sorry for the rare people who actually have the original red lei, but now the penguin band backround will be the rarest item so hopefully you guys have that! So here’s the story.

Some guy contacted clubpenguin asking if the red lei is coming back and they responded this summer! That’s so cool!

00000000 red lei rumer


New Better Igloos Catalog Secrets

Finally they came! The new Catalog secrets!

Click on the torch to get the LCD Television.

a better igloos 1 secret

Click the Medieval Banner to get the Penguin Knight Sculpture.

a better igloos 2 secrets

Click the last bush on the poodle plant to get the wheelbarrow.

a better igloos 3 secrets

Click the garden to get the picket fence.

a better igloos 4 secret

New Group Coming Up!

Orianto and I are going to make a group called CP UNIT. We will get a Youtube channel setup soon and a video! I will make sure to post the videos on my site! We might add another person before we start too.

This is one of our banners I made.

CP UNIT banner 2