How to become a Ninja on Club Penguin

<a href=””>Club Penguin</a> is letting all penguins become ninjas at the dojo! That is so cool!

Here’s how to become a ninja on Club penguin:

  1. Click on the map on the your lower right.
  2. Go to the biggest door
  3. Go and talk to sensei


  1. Keep clicking and eventually you will get your Starter Deck.
  2. Keep Clicking till you get to the belts now click sensei.
  3. Then click on “Count Me In!” and you will start playing.

card jitsu

  1. Now that you have started earning your belts you can work up to being a black belt!
  2. Now to see how you are doing click on the cards on the bottom right of your screen
  3. You will see your progress bar and see how much progress you have till you get to your next belt!


progress bar

  1. Once you have got your black belt you can face sensei for your mask.
  2. You can never beat sensei if you don’t have a black belt.
  3. Now to defeat sensei every time is all you have to do is sit there and do nothing. That’s what I found out.

challange sensei

Congratz! You have now become a ninja! Now you can go to the Ninja Hide Out! If you are a member you can buy cool items out of the Ninja Catalog!

ninja hide out


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