Clubpenguins Favorite Gnome!

All of you voted that the blue gnome was the best gnome! I love the blue gnome won so look forward to seeing him at the new play in november! Don’t forget to stay here at 9:00pm pst Penguin Standard Time for the new catalog cheats ;).

gnome 1


You Decide: A Costume For The Stage!

Billybob wants us to help him pick a new costume for a play in november! One of the characters is a gnome and you have to decide which gnome you want in the play!

Gnome Decide

The gnomes are gray? Could penguins now have the ability to become gray? Lots of questions πŸ˜‰


New Outfit

I’m looking or a new outfit, but I don’t know which one to pick so I’m asking my viewers. I will put up a pole shortly after this post

Outfit #1

outfit #1

Outfit #2

outfit #2

Outfit #3

outfit #3

Comment on which one you like best πŸ˜‰

Costume Sneak Peek

Billybob talks about the new Penguin Style catalog coming on Friday. He said the costumes were gonna be “spooktacular!” He let see a hat from the catalog!

Costume Sneak Peek

New Ninja Hide Out And Scavenger Hunt Over

The scavenger hunt is over and the new ninja hide out has come! The new ninja hide out rocks!

New Ninja Hide Out

Party Over

Clubpenguin Music!

I found all of these SWF files at! Check them out and put them on your Ipods!

Room Music:

Game Music:

Party Music:

Music Jam Music:

Igloo Music:

Stage Music:

Have fun!


New Ninja Hideout!

The new ninja hideout is coming tonight! Don’t forget to check it out! I will be up on sleet at 9:00 Clubpenguin Time if you want to meet me or I will be hanging out with Salty. This is gonna be so cool! Can’t wait to see what it looks like. I’ll be on a penguin called Alm33 I will give a post later on where I’m gonna be at so get on my website later.

Ninja Hideout 1

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