New Sports Catalog And New Pin

Update: Lime Green Dojo Clean has now been released in the book room! Check it out! You get 800 in total if you get all the bonus coins. I’m not telling you where they are!

Ello people how’s it going? New pin is at the beacon:


New, awesome sports catalog! (2 cheats but a really good one)

Silver Surfboard (You would know by now where it is but I’m telling you anyways)

Click the Green Penguin so his surfboard turns to the Daisy Surfboard.

Click the Shell.

Click the Star.


Click the climbing wall for the Climber suit and Hiking Boots! (Awesome cheat)




New Paint By Letters

Update: Book postponed. I’ll tell you when it’s out.

New Paint By Letters coming tomorrow!

new-paint-by-letter-bookI hope You guys like it!

waddle on!


New Winter Sports Catalog Sneak Peek

Here is a picture of the sneak peack. you can tell the sneak peek on the left is a rocking climbing wall. I can’t tell what the sneak peek on the right is. It looks kind of like a giant tv.


I’m Excited! Since we know the sneek peek on the left is a rocking climbing wall I want to here how penguins might climb the rock climbing wall.

Comment Your Thoughts!

Clubpenguin Elite Penguin Force Out In New Countries

Finally! The Cp Team talked about putting a the new Clubpenguin Elite Penguin Force out for the DS in new countries. They have managed to get the DS game in United Kingdom and Australia!


New Toolbar

Hello fellow penguins! I have made a clubpenguin toolbar. I thought you might like it!


that’s a picture of the tool bar.

URL for toolbar:

This tool bar does not have Side Affects it does not make my internet slow nor, it will yours!

Waddle on!


Do you have a membership?

Hello fellow penguins I would like to make a poll. I hope you vote for the poll because it’s for a idea i found out. So count up all your penguins and vote if there member or not!

I will take the poll off on febuary 1st. Make Sure You VOTE!

Wierd Chanting

Lol. There like on strike. They are saying down with disney. It was wierd. If you ask me. Cp isnt much of a difference…then it was a long time ago.