Vote booth in the forest!

Hey guys what’s up? The Voting booth is finally in the forest!

I like how the made the voting booth! 🙂

color vote booth 09

I voted Aqua what did you vote?

aqua color vote 09

Aaaaandddd thanks for voting! 🙂

thank for voting color vote 09

You can only vote once at a time.

waddle on!



What’s new!

Hey guys I was just checking the “What’s new” in community on clubpenguin and I saw Happy77 posted a second Reviewed By you! That’s exactly what I want you to do! I set up a poll in this post so you vote on the color you like!

color vote what's new 09

Clubpenguin Music Videos

Hey guys! I hope you guys doing well! I just wanted to ask you guys if I should start make clubpenguin music videos?  Please comment on what you think about it! : D

Thx for visiting my site!


Waddle on!

New Color Vote!

Hey guys! Soon we can pick our new clubpenguin color! This is exciting! It’s make clubpenguin history for the future! Like the Lime Green party!

0 new color vote 09

Music Party!

Hey guys its fazboyz! I know it’s a little late for the Music party information, but I still would like to give it to you!

The rooms are awesome!oooooooo music jam 09

At the cove you can pick up you free GREEN HEADPHONES!

0green headphones 09Sweet clothing at the snow forts and every members VIP PASS!

0 music vip pass standGo the the rooftop and get your very own boombox! (sadly members only)

0 music boombox 09Music Catalog Cheats!

00 music catalog cheats black guitarClick the “o” in catalog for the black guitar!

Enjoy! 🙂

Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I was at camp so long it was for like a week! Now im back on track! Hope you enjoy! 😀

New Langauge!

Hey guys Clubpenguin finally added spanish to there languages! Im glad spanish people can play cp now! There arent that many servers but its a start! Enjoy the new langauge! 😀

0 spanish new language 100 spanish new language 2😀